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What is Pure Gin

Pure Icelandic Crafted Gin is an authentic ‘London Dry’, harmonizing 13 botanicals to create a gin that we can rightly be proud of.

The term PURE is one synonymous with Iceland; a land of clear ice, glistening snow, and perhaps most importantly, the world’s cleanest water.
Known as the land of Ice and Fire, Iceland’s beauty lies in the dramatic contrasts of its landscape and the purity of both its air and its water, not to mention the free and adventurous spirit of its people.
Filtered through millennia-old volcanic rock, Icelandic water is what lends our gin its distinctive flavour and unique character.
With upfront notes of pine and citrus, PURE is an aromatic London Dry Gin like no other.

The Production

The botanicals are steeped in neutral grain spirit that has been seven times distilled. This is left to rest overnight for a minimum of 16 hours to allow full extraction of the natural flavours. Distillation takes place the next day and the best ‘cuts’ from the gin are selected. Pure Icelandic water is then added to reduce the alcohol and balance the flavours.


Carefully selected for their unique character, PURE focuses on citrus led botanicals to compliment the Juniper flavor. Each botanical brings its own elements and helps provide a well balanced premium crafted gin.


Angelica Root

Orris Root

Lemon Peel



Birch Bark

Coriander Seeds

Orange Peel